Washington State Required Bail Recovery Training

Your Washington State Required Bail Recovery Training: Investing with Knowledge

   Since January 2006 Washington State has required all Bail Recovery Agents to be licensed. If you are enrolling in Washington State pre-licensing training you should do so as an informed and educated consumer.

  In the majority of states that have licensing and training requirements there is a process and standard to become a training provider. For example, as a Colorado State provider, the Bail Enforcement Academy® was required to submit our curriculum, lesson plans and other documentation to the Colorado State Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) for approval. Most Washington applicants utilize the WA State DOL "Training Referral" list.

 When doing so don't forget to pay attention to the cautions: 

"This information is provided for your convenience, and isn’t a direct endorsement of their skills"

"Verification of their credentials before contracting their services is recommended", in other words they are advise you to thoroughly "vet" the resources on their "referral list".

 These cautions are there for very good reason: Washington State DOL has no requirements for Bail Recovery Agent Instructors, including those on the Training Resources List at their website. The only exception is for firearms certification.


  Yes, it's amateur hour! You can be clueless and 100% experience free and sell your "required training" at at the DOL website!

  Example, without any training or certification from Taser®, one can be a "Tazer" Instructor and be on the DOL "referral list".

  Next, is the requirement for a minimum of 32 hrs of Field Operations Training.

  Making up the majority of required training, this is supposed to teach you the skills you need to actually do the job, particularly the skills of a professional grade investigator.

  We think it's a good idea to be trained by someone extensively qualified and accomplished in the field you are entering if you want to be successful.    

  Again, current Washington law makes no requirement of any actual Bail Recovery experience or knowledge of the instructors providing this required training of Washington States future Bail Recovery Agents.

  It's Your Money Ask Hard Questions: The referral list consists of not only those with no Bail Recovery experience but State licensed Bail Recovery Agents that offer training "part time". After being unsuccessful in the actual business, some trainers use their license for "credibility purposes". You would be amazed at how little their real vocation is related to being a skilled and accomplished Bail Recovery professional. You will find they don't like to discuss  two things, what Bail Bond Agency uses them as full time agents; and the success and employment track record for their students.

  If you get your training from someone that has never themselves been successful, never established their own full time successful Bail Recovery career are you making a wise choice in the foundation of your own success? 

If you want to be successful, choose your mentors well

  Avoid the "cheapest prices" or "payment plan" incentives when buying training or parachutes.  

  For the consumer it's more than meeting DOL requirements, getting a license is the easy part. Attend some classes, take a multi choice test, write some checks.

  What about receiving checks? Washington DOL "got theirs" with your license fee, your actually getting employed is not of their concern. To get paychecks you need to get employed by a Bond Company.  

 Your employability and success, or lack thereof will be entirely based on your investigative skills, on your ability to locate fugitives your employer can't.

   That's right, in the real working world of this business investigative ability and skill will be the measure of your employability. The limitations of that ability will be based on the skill, experience, and ability of your Instructor.

With 15 years training experience, the prestige of the Bail Enforcement Academy® and our graduates ability and performance is very well established in the bail industry, Nationwide.

Tuition fees are usually based on what you are going to learn, and from whom.

  The majority of those on the DOL referral list are Weapons Tactical Instructors, with those affiliated with the Washington  State Criminal Justice Training Commission (WSCJTC) placed at the top of the list, in spite of having zero bail recovery experience, particularly bail recovery investigation skills and resources. One will also find mildly experienced yet unaccomplished licensed Washington Recovery Agents  instructing part-time, often with fabricated or exaggerated experience.

If a trainer is skilled and talented in this field, possessing the lucrative talents of an accomplished recovery agent, why is their "fugitive recovery career" reduced to "teaching" bail recovery a few weekends a year?

Why aren't they employed full time in our industry?


  It's your money, do your homework, such "training opportunities" are quickly verified by insisting and persisting on a confirmable employment record for it's few graduates.


  The Highest Standards in the Industry.

   Realizing how critical experience is in training future professionals, the  Bail Enforcement Academy® requires a minimum 5 years on the job experience (not just weekends) of Instructor Trainee candidates, 10 years for our Training Director.


Confirm Credentials & Graduate References for Employability &  Instructor Bail Recovery Training Experience

 (DOL license history is verifiable)

  As America's most experienced and recommended Bail Enforcement Training Program for 15 Years, we have been Washington States #1 Bail Recovery Training Provider Since 1997.

We are for very good reason.


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