Welcome to the authentic, genuine Bail Enforcement Academy ®

   America's most experienced trainer of successful professional Bail Enforcement Agents. Entering our 13th year, the Bail Enforcement Academy was established in 1997 to fill the Bail Bond industries need for highly capable, effective Bail Enforcement Agent/Investigators. With a well established national reputation for producing successful Bail Enforcement professionals, the Bail Enforcement Academy is a unique U.S. Trademarked P.O.S.T. approved vocational program presented by professional trainers unmatched in experience or insight in the process of training successful agents with exceptional resources and investigative capabilities.

   The role of the BEA is a crucial one. Without the ability to return bail fugitives to the court system, and thus avoid forfeiture of the bail bond, no Bail Bond Agency can maintain it’s financial viability for any length of time. The bottom line in any Bail Bond Agency is dominated by these losses.

   At the same time, the activity of locating and apprehending these fugitives with a minimum of liability and a high percentage of success is a very complex undertaking. It requires intelligent investigation, resourcefulness, and intellect. Such skills are not easily obtained.

   In the past, most successful agents began by trial and error, passing their knowledge on to those whom worked for or with them. The average person wanting to enter this field would find the doors shut, unless they "knew" someone willing to train them.

   As a Private Investigative Agency very active in bail enforcement investigations, we found few incoming Investigators capable of playing this role without additional training. What developed is a vocational training program based on proven methods, methods that have produced a consistent 90% success rate in the location and apprehension of fugitives. A vocational program tested across the USA in the field for 13 years now with unmatched success and unique enough to receive U.S. Trademark status.

   With over a decade of insight, experience, and actual application in the field our training program has evolved into what it is today, the world famous Bail Enforcement Academy®. With an impeccable reputation for quality realistic training and producing a graduate with the skills that make them very capable as well as employable, the Academy has long been the premier training program for Bail Bond Agents, Private Investigators, former Law Enforcement and Corrections personnel, and ordinary citizens desiring successful entrance into the field. Unmatched in training experience, our training methods and their application by more than a decade of successful graduates has been and continues to be the foundation of our success.

   Our long-standing reputation as "the" training program for producing exceptionally capable Investigators and our endorsements from industry professionals are well earned. A decade of experience presenting a curriculum consisting of realistic, critical knowledge, presented by licensed Private Investigators and Bail Enforcement professionals, extremely experienced at Bail Enforcement Training, along with lifetime interaction and advice free of charge. Government approved; a Washington State Department of Licensing resource and certified by the Colorado Police Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) our program in fact exceeds those States requirements. We are the oldest, most comprehensive training program available coupled with Instructors possessing thirteen years plus of training insight and verifiable Bail Enforcement Training experience.

   Our program includes ongoing lifetime support, and our National Network, where you will find few as loyal as our experienced Alumni graduates. The industry success of our graduates is the basis for our leadership in reputable and realistic training.

   We are here for the serious. If a career in Bail Enforcement is something you would not only like to be involved with, but excel at, we invite you to enroll and join our Global Network of elite, highly effective Bail Enforcement Agents.

   If you are a Bond Agency looking for the highest quality in assets, please call us, we maintain an up to date network at all times. Bond Agency owners whom have attended have improved their bottom line and come to insist future personnel attend as well. We welcome your Agency to attend one of our sessions and join the many other Bond Agencies that have benefited from attending our Academy.