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Established in 1997 - 13+ years and thousands of hours of verified Bail Enforcement Training Experience

"There is only one place on the West Coast I would recommend. Go to www.bailacademy.org for details" - Lance Allen Wilkinson Recoveries by L.A.W.

"The popularity of phony TV "Bounty Hunter" shows has increased the number of bail enforcement schools in the US. I've been at this a long time and the only school I can endorse is www.bailacademy.org the link is below. This school has been around for over 12 years and it's owner was personal friends with Lance Wilkinson. Lance was also a friend of mine and literally wrote the book on bail enforcement. For real training in this field contact them".

Posha Bail Bonds

"I would like to offer my letter of recommendation regarding the Bail Enforcement Academy You guys are the Best of the Best! If anyone is considering attending the Academy and are hesitant in anyway or would like a letter of reference, please have them contact me. I highly recommend you guys! First of all, I would like to be honest and say that, as a Licensed Bail Bonding Agent, and having been a Private Investigator (over 18 years), I was a little skeptical of attending the Academy, much less any training academy or seminar on the subject. To be honest, I have wasted good money in the past on bogus seminars and training programs. This was not the case. Because of my profession, I did a lot of research and calling around before making a final decision. Everything suggested that the Instructor/Principal (also a highly accomplished Private Investigator) and the before said Academy was truly the way to go. It was! I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t learn any more than I already knew as far as skip tracing and locating bail skips. I was dead wrong! More than several times, I was silently telling myself, “Damn, I should have already known that trick” or “Dang, why hadn’t I already come up with that technique!” I really wanted to learn how to get more business, and more importantly, how to get paid for the work. Well, I did. Aside from the few bond revocations I had under my belt at the time, I still wanted to learn how to really break into the business and offer my professional services to other Bail Bonding agents. Not only did I learn professional business strategies for getting into the Biz, I also picked up newer and more advanced skip tracing techniques, handcuffing techniques and procedures from those actually doing this stuff, and I also learned things to help my very own Bail Bonding and Private Investigation Agency. If you are a Bail Bonding Agent, Surety Agent, Private Investigator concerned about the professionalism or lack thereof in this industry, concerned about civil liability and doing things RIGHT or desiring to become a Professional Bail Recovery Agent (Bail Enforcement Agent), YOU NEED TO GO TO THE ACADEMY! Hands down! It works and it’s well worth the money. I already investigated all the seminars and training academies out there. I am currently reviewing six Bail Skip files at the time of writing this letter. Oh yeah, It gave me a great reason (and business write-off) to go to Las Vegas too! Brian - Shinobi Bail Enforcement Capital City Bonds & Shinobi Private Investigations Denver CO

I would like to extend my thanks to the Bail Enforcement Academy and its Instructors for a very good educational experience., I searched many websites and viewed details on each and I can say you delivered on your promise. I really enjoyed the training program, practical on the job training, without really being there. I can say that I traveled a long ways and spent monies I consider well spent. I look forward to being part of the Bail Enforcement Academy Alumni and sharing information on my website with others. Steve owner - Action Bail Bonds Carthage North Carolina

As a Bail Bondsman looking at the mounting forfeitures (bail skips) accumulating on my desk I realized something had to be done. I had researched literally two dozen "bail enforcement agent" training programs only to see that they were nothing more than a "here's where you buy the cool stuff to look like Rambo" classes. I didn't need any of this junk. As a licensed Bail Bondsman I was already receiving numerous calls a week from people that wanted to pick up my skips, assuring me that they could rumble with the best of them. What a scary concept for a professional bondsman running a professional business. I come from a law enforcement background. I thought I knew plenty about finding people and returning them to custody. I couldn't have been more wrong. I knew that I was looking at the training needed from a different perspective than most, being the actual bondsman writing the bonds as well as apprehending skips; I knew the training would need to be comprehensive. I found my way to the Bail Enforcement Academy through a phone call from some very professional bail recovery agents tracking down an out of state skip. I was impressed with their professional demeanor as well as the knowledge of the individual they were tracking. I spoke with them at length and was directed to the Bail Enforcement Academy. I started with their training manual required before attending the Academy and was impressed with it to the point that I attended and enrolled three additional employees at the same time. The training was superb. Although I had a slightly different intent when I enrolled my goals were far exceeded. After the training, I came back with new insight in Bail Bonding. With the help of the employees that attended the training we revamped and modified our application process which assisted in decreasing our forfeitures. We also increased dramatically the number of skips we tracked down and returned to custody. In fact, we were able to return over seventy five thousand dollars worth of skips back into custody by the end of the year. I attribute this increase in "returns to custody" and the decrease in overall skips to the training and continuing education of the Bail Enforcement Academy . There is no better. PS. We don't share this knowledge. If you want this knowledge, invest in yourself, attend the Bail Enforcement Academy, it's superb. If you want a Bail Bondsman’s assessment of the training and its value feel free to contact me at; sherlock@mtaonline.net John E Chapman, Fred's Bail Bonding - Palmer, Alaska

I equate my success in the surety field to the Bail Enforcement Academy. Without the foundation I obtained from the Bail Enforcement Academy, I would not be where I am today. I have been a recovery agent for approaching 2 years now. I started off doing recoveries part-time and on the weekends. Within four months I quit my main job and became a full-time recovery agent. Within seven months after attending the Bail Enforcement Academy I had proven myself and was offered a position as a bail bondsman for Zig Zag Bail Bonds. I recommend to everyone who wants to become an agent to attend the Bail Enforcement Academy. I definitely would not be where I am today without it. As a Bail Bondsman I look for smart, level-headed recovery agents that use their heads instead of their brawn. With my chaotic schedule I do not have time to interview and weed through the "Rambo's" to find a quality agent that is concerned with reducing my liability and skilled at consistently locating fugitives. The Bail Enforcement Academy has consistently produced the most highly capable professional agents, to the point that we rely on them exclusively as a policy. Brandon ZIG - ZAG Bail Bonds, Everett, WA

I am a Bail Bondsman from Louisiana, in early April 2008 I traveled to Tacoma Washington and attended the Bail Enforcement Academy. At the time I had 7 bail skips that needed to be put back in jail. It is now late May and I have returned all 7 defendants to jail. If I had not attended the Bail Enforcement Academy I am confident I would still be looking for these people. The Bail Enforcement Academy is the only school this Bondsman found that teaches you the investigative skills needed to locate bail skips. With the things I learned from the Bail Enforcement Academy I am now more confident and professional with my business. I look forward to continued growth of my Bail Bond Agency and continued support from the Bail Enforcement Academy. The knowledge I left with and the continued support of the Bail Enforcement Academy Alumni is priceless. Jared Owner - Jared Bail Bonds Oak Grove Louisiana

"I am a Washington Bail Bond Agent, and a Department of Licensing approved Weapons and Tactics Instructor, I thought I would have no problem getting my Washington State Recovery License and getting contracts from other bail agencies. I was wrong, all the Weapons Training and all the Instructor Certifications I have meant nothing to any of the bond offices. And to be honest they were correct, yes, it is good to have all your ducks in a row with your use of force and who better justified to use for that than an instructor, but if you cannot find who you are looking for then when will you ever use your “tactical” training??? Answer is you won’t! As I sat in on the Academy for one day during a session, honestly my initial thought about attending the class was, “I work in a bond office, what is this guy going to teach me that I don’t already know?”. Boy was I wrong. I quickly enrolled for the next full Session, since then I have more than made my money back and have been very successful finding my contracts thanks to the lessons that I learned at the Academy. Within 3 weeks of attending my boss entrusted me to go to another county 3 hours away and pick up a 50K skip. That to me means that my boss just trusted me with $50,000!! Bottom line is that I was Washington State licensed as both a Bail Agent and a Recovery Agent before attending the Academy, but I never knew how little I knew about recovery and finding someone until completing my session. Thanks to the Bail Enforcement Academy. PS If anyone comes into my office and asks for a recovery contract, the first question out of my mouth is are you certified, the second is where did you learn how to find a fugitive. ( I won’t give you the correct answers )" Chris

"My partner has a background in sales, myself a military background. We decided to pair up and jump into the Bail Enforcement Industry, but we were not sure where to start. I found the “Bail Enforcement Academy” website. We were both a bit skeptical going into it, very briefly however. It did not take long for our skepticism to change to undivided attention. Everything taught at the Academy from the surveillance, skip tracing, agency management, to the simple gathering and compiling of information was outstanding. The Academy has a recipe for success that can’t be beat. Applying this knowledge, years later, we are the owners of the fastest growing Bail Enforcement Agency in the State of California. Thank you Bail Enforcement Academy "- R.M. & J.M. Redline Risk Management, Inc. In May of 2007 the Redline Team use their knowledge and skills, "the recipe", to apprehend a million dollar fugitive, hello payday!

"I am an ex-California police officer whom recently attended the Bail Enforcement Academy. Going into it somewhat skeptical, I was pleased to not only find the skip-trace instruction to be top notch, but the course offered information absolutely essential to securing work in the industry. The Instructors, are extremely knowledgeable regarding this field and this excellent training program has been set up as real-world and practical as possible. I am now working full time as a Bail Enforcement Agent ( B.E.A.) with multiple arrests under my belt, less than three months later. If you can’t find the tools and direction you need in this course, you should probably think about going into some other line of work." T. Marchese -Northwest Recovery Services Seattle WA

"As an Alumni graduate of the Academy I can say with confidence that my Academy attendance and continued training afterwards has enabled me to become my Bondsman's top Recovery Agent. Using the skills and techniques provided, I have had all the tools, including the investigative skills required by my employers. Combined with a network of Alumni support the Bail Enforcement Academy was for me "the way" to become a successful full time professional Washington Recovery Agent". Richard B - Tacoma WA

"Before I took your class, I could not acquire a single case. After I graduated from the Bail Enforcement Academy I started picking up cases left and right. The major difference between then and now was your training program and powerful resources. I thought I knew a lot back then, however, I knew nothing in comparison to what I know now. I had been to another bail enforcement "wannnabee" school and wished that I had just saved my money. They taught me very little. My success using Academy skills and methods have landed me many cases. They have also given me a current 100% apprehension rate. I could not achieve such success or the free Alumni lifetime advice anywhere else. I now can walk into a bail bond agency, present myself professionally, and land cases in no time. My clientele are extremely impressed with our results and continue to issue cases to my Agency. Thank you for all the help." Jason - Surety Risk Management Stockton CA

Update - Seven successful career years later....Jason and partners create Gator Bail Bonds Las Vegas NV

"Prior to attending the Bail Enforcement Academy's fugitive recovery training course, I had an extensive background in the criminal justice field. I am a graduate from a full P.O.S.T. Basic Police Academy and I hold certifications with both the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) as a firearms instructor. I had also completed all of the training requirements pursuant to the Bail Fugitive Recovery Persons Act (CPC 1299), including a pre-bail licensing course held by the California Association of Bail Bondsmen (CABB). However, none of these training courses provided me with any instruction on the actual investigative skills and resources required to be a successful Fugitive Recovery Agent. At the Academy, I not only learned about the bail bond industry, but I was given valuable tools and resources to further my career as a Fugitive Recovery Agent that will assist me in the years ahead. As a result of my training, I received my first recovery case for a $15,000 bond after making contact with only two bail bondsmen. Thanks for the training and continued support. Jason L. Ingman - California Fugitive Recovery Services

"Myself and two friends attended the Bail Enforcement Academy as a team. Already having a strong background working with each other in the security field, the Academy improved us as a team, and individuals. Our first contract, actually several contracts all at once, came when another Alumni Member contacted us and requested assistance. He worked alone and had more contracts than he could handle.

Attending the Bail Enforcement Academy was an excellent way to enter the bail enforcement industry. Greatly assisting me in establishing an entry into the industry is the past and ongoing support of fellow Academy Alumni. With their assistance I made my first apprehension, and have since received several case referrals. I strongly recommend taking the steps necessary to become part of our Alumni.

M. P. - Trace Risk Management

"The personal techniques and strategies you shared have been very helpful to my success. I'm currently handling cases for 4 different bail agencies. I'm proud to say I've made 22 arrests without incident. Basically I'm writing to say thank you for all of your help and the knowledge you've shared." - Kirk - Bay America Recovery Services Oakland CA