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Established in 1997 - America's Most Experienced Trainer of Successful Bail Enforcement Agents

"The Original and Authentic Bail Enforcement Academy ® , Training and Providing Elite, Effective, Professional Bail Enforcement Agents to the Bail Bond Fugitive Recovery Industry since 1997"
  Enter the Bail Enforcement Academy ®web, the authentic Bail Enforcement Academy established in 1997 often featured in  Bail Enforcement Television documentaries and the news media. Recognized by the media and the fugitive recovery industry as the leader in providing the knowledge and training necessary to enter the exciting and expanding Law Enforcement field, Bail Enforcement, also known as Fugitive Recovery.
  Established in 1997 we are the Original Bail Enforcement Academy, often imitated, always unmatched in experience at training successful and effective Bail Enforcement Agents. We continue to be  the choice of  bail bond agencies, former law enforcement officers, private investigators, bodyguards, and individuals from all fields seriously desiring to  enter the Bail Enforcement field.
  Our proven trademarked curriculum is focused on bail recovery skills and techniques developed from actual bail enforcement experience in the field, and structured to provide the graduate with the knowledge necessary to become an active member of the Bail Enforcement profession. A  lifetime mentorship program, our Graduates have access to free consultation from highly experienced Academy personnel free of charge. This lifetime mentorship and support is particularly important in the beginning of ones career, an assurance of success.
  Your instructors are actual active, highly experienced Bail Enforcement Agents & Licensed Private Investigators, teaching today's modern state of the art Bail Enforcement techniques and Bail Recovery investigative methods and equally experienced at professional presentation of curriculum in the classroom. Our curriculum meets or exceeds the Washington State requirements for WA licensing. The curriculum has been examined by the Colorado State Police Officers Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.) and been approved and certified.
  Your instruction is total and will include all aspects of bail enforcement: History, Legal Aspects, Investigative Skills & Techniques, Street Survival, Apprehension Training, Handcuffs & Restraints, Booking, Prisoner Transport, Obtaining Employment, and more.
  The Training will be thorough and intense. Graduates of the Bail Enforcement Academy are prepared to move to the next step.......the locating and apprehending of bail bond fugitives.
  U.S. News & World Report proclaimed Bail Enforcement as one of the "hottest job tracks" in its "Best Jobs for the Future" issue.
  If you are seriously interested in entering the challenging and financially rewarding vocation of Bail Enforcement and want realistic training and support from actual experienced, active Bail Enforcement professionals, welcome to the school with 11 years of history providing Fugitive Recovery agents to the Bail Bonding Industry. Inside our website you will find complete information, including a brochure, media coverage video downloads, schedules, training publications and enrollment forms. To learn more about the Bail Enforcement Academy, please enter below.



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Washington State Bail Bond Recovery requirements, available here at the Pacific Northwest Bail Enforcement Academy including fugitive recovery agent licenses WA. Bail enforcement training school for those wanting to become a   licensed bail enforcement agent, sometimes referred to as a bountyhunter. This site provides information for those wishing to enter the bail bonds industry as a bail enforcement agent providing expert fugitive recovery services for bail bondsmen. There are also links to bail enforcement books, bail enforcement discussion sites, and many other fugitive recovery and bountyhunter subjects of interest to the bail bond industry or those interested in the bail enforcement field. Find out why the Bail Enforcement Academy is the first school of choice for those wishing to become Bail Enforcement Agents providing the best in Bail Enforcement services to the bail bond industry. This site provides information for those wishing to enter the bail bonds industry as a bail enforcement agent providing expert fugitive recovery services for bail bondsmen.  




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